The new Computing Commons

The new Computing Commons

On the first day of Fall 2020, Sun Devils will experience a new and innovative learning space within the Computing Commons. We are revamping the computing commons to create an environment that helps students collaborate and be more productive. 

The iconic building located close to the Memorial Union will now feature a collaborative and student-friendly educational space, creating better learning experiences for all the students at ASU.


"ASU has really only put its baby toe into the digital credentialing world.” 

— Lev Gonick 

Learning Enterprise = “A home for how we can reach out to learners in general”

— Kimberly Merritt

"Evolve to become something that is more than what we can perceive it right now"

— Toby Kidd 

"A digital credential is a portable verifiable way to recognize learning."

— Alisson Hall


Digital Credentials Summit

ASU Digital Credentials Summit Finds New Ways to Empower Lifelong Learning:

The empowerment of learners at all stages of life is taking on new shapes. To further that change and connect faculty, more than 250 instructors, learners, and workers from across the university came together for the ASU Digital Credentials Summit, hosted by the Learning Futures Collaboratory (LFC). This Summit, held in hour-and-a-half sessions across five days, was dedicated to the further development of digital credentials 

fever conference


FEVAR (Futures of Educational Virtual and Augmented Realities) is a special interest group that brings together people from across Arizona State University who have a common interest in the potential for enhancing education and training through Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The group connects participants with new opportunities, shares knowledge across ASU units and serves to create transdisciplinary partnerships in research.

Learning Futures Collaboratory

LFC Relaunch:

What was the “Innovation Collaboratory” relaunched as the “Learning Futures Collaboratory”. With a team of leaders that possess creativity and ambitious visions for the future of learning, we are enthusiastic about where we are heading.