What we do

For members of the ASU Community who want the future of learning to be more inclusive, learner-centered, exploratory, and immersive, the Learning Futures Collaboratory uses design-based methods to imagine and create better learning experiences for all learners at every stage of their life. The LFC uses collective action to create generational leaps of improvement at scale in cross-institutional, empowered communities of practice.

The Learning Futures Process


Learner needs, faculty needs, technology advancements, context and research.


Inputs are evaluated, prioritized, and threaded together by stakeholders, leaders, and experts in the field.


Use the workstream environment to cluster ideas, expertise and resources together in cohesive, actionable visions of the future.


Workstreams define objectives for multiple projects in their line of focus.


Outputs include a minimum viable product (MVP) of new products, platforms, processes, programs, or places that enhance and transform learning, which get handed off to be scaled throughout ASU