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Immersive learning is a community working under the leadership of the Learning Futures Collaboratory. Our goal is to achieve Student Success through improving Digital Fluency in Next-Generation Learning Environments. We imagine and create the future of learning at ASU using human-centered, design-based methods in empowered communities of practice.

We believe Xtreme Reality (XR) is the future of education and we are committed to developing immersive learning experiences by embedding Xtreme Reality (XR) into the Academic curriculum. Immersive learning environments like role play, simulations, and the exploration of digital or digitally enhanced worlds allow students to practice skills, acclimate at their own pace to challenging or new situations and see themselves and others through a different lens.

The Extended Reality (XR) family of technologies has the potential for cultivating engaging learning environments. We are working towards the effective adoption of virtual reality (VR) headsets for students to gain access to next-generation learning environments.

Digital immersive learning environments allow students to explore real and imagined worlds. We believe that immersive experiences play a crucial role in the academic success of a student. We know that every student is unique and we are committed to shaping their educational journey in a more fun and interactive manner.

We are currently working towards shaping the freshmen experience at ASU by adding a virtual reality version of ASU 101. This will help students to be more successful in their academic journey at ASU. We are planning to roll out a pilot version of ASU 101 by Fall 2020. We hope to move further by embedding Xtreme Reality (XR) into the academic curriculum in the new few years.

Our communities include faculty, staff, and students from across ASU. If you are interested in shaping the future of education, feel free to join our community or subscribe to our newsletter.


Mina Johnson, The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Psychology

Robert LiKamWa,  Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

 Auryan Ratliff, EdPlus

"I am a game designer AND a learning scientist. I want to create great 3D educational games that keep students excited about learning." - Mina Johnson


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